Referring Attorneys

$1,000,000+ in Testing and Research.

Our attorneys have worked tirelessly to identify defects across several UTV makes and models, locate and study similar incidents, and thoroughly examine testing and design data.

Our retained experts have conducted extensive testing on a wide range of UTVs and have fabricated feasible alternative designs for UTV (1) occupant retention systems, (2) roll cages, (3) roofs, and (4) suspension components.

1,000's of Hours of Experience.

Our attorneys have served as lead or co-counsel in UTV rollover cases in Missouri, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas, Georgia and West Virginia.   We have prosecuted claims against UTV manufacturers, dealerships, and component manufacturers.

1 Goal.

To help men, women and children injured or killed by unsafe products.

We would be honored to share our experience to help achieve a better outcome for your client.